This is an old map showing Hebburn as it was before the 1850's. I've marked a few places to help people get there bearings.

This shows a small section of Hebburn residents (well off ones?), along with all of the known businesses in 1890 Hebburn.

Page 2 of the 1890 Businesses in Hebburn.Isn't it amazing how many businesses there were 114 yrs ago?

Page 3 of all the businesses in the town in 1890.My Dunn ancestors didn't arrive in Hebburn until 23 yrs later.

This is Page 1 of a list of 1910 Hebburn businesses with just a sprinkling of the more 'well to do' people.

Page 2 of 1910. If pages are too small to read, hold mouse over bottom rgt hand corner & click the symbol that appears.

Page 3 of the 1910 businesses.

Page 4 of the 1910 businesses. I found printing them off to read much better than on screen.

As a fill in for this page, that's me age 16 on my first motorbike. Notice the lack of crash helmets in 1961.

Anyone remember Joe Fusaro with the icecream shop in Tennant St. Thats Joe up at Wardley selling ices.

Hebburn lads on this photo of Wardley Colliery Trainees in 1964 inc Barrie Prett 3rd rgt back row, Tommy Smith 2nd left back row.

I know it's not Hebburn, but this shows the familiar Shields beach a long time ago, possibly the 30's.