Barry Cram's dad Davy went around Hebburn in the 80's and took some photos before things changed too much.

This page of 12 photos are what Davy took for us to share.

All the written text on this page 107 is what Davy Cram wrote. He certainly knew a bit about the history of 'Old Hebburn'

This is Davy's 1988 shot of one of the last old shops in Hebburn now gone forever. The road was known locally as 'The Low Road'

Simpson's Hostel you can just see is long gone and new housing has been built from the bridge to the Low Road

That Pillar the boys are beside will be familiar to anyone who attended 'The Clinic'. Davy took this photo from Cuthbert St backlane area.

St Andrew's from what was 'Hewison's' papershop on corner of Lyon & Ellison St. My grandfather Robert Dunn tolled those bells in the early 1900's.

That's the Arch where a ghost Coach & Horses are supposed to clip clop through into or from Ellison Hall and St John's Church.

Davy knew his history but unfortunately is no longer here to tell us more.

St Andrew's being renovated at the time John Carr saved all those lovely old photographs from the rubbish skip (pictured)

'The Low Road into Jarrow' with the School St flats visible over the trees. Those flats stood on land where the Pre-fabs were.

Hedgeley Rd runs across just past the telegraph pole. The Pyrotenax was to the left & the Bitumastic was right.