Lifelong friend Frank McNabola luckily took this & some other outside shots of the Pyro before its demolition.

A view inside the Pyro from Peter O'Niel ex Newtown lad now living in Wardley. Recognise any of the workmen?

The Pyro is no longer in 'little old Hebburn' and one of many companies lost to our town. Another from Peter O'Niel.

A nice external photo from Frank that many people will recognise even if they like me didn't work there..

I think houses are going to be built where this factory once stood. Another shot by Peter O'Niel?

Another internal shot in the 'Pyro' from Peter. Anyone recognise these two men?

Pyro was famous for it's armoured copper sheathed cables which you can see here in coils.Thanks again to Peter O'Niel.

Another internal Pyro shot from Peter. There aren't a lot of Pyro photos around so luckily we now have these ones.

Another familiar view for Hebburn folk by Frank McNabola.

And another from Frank!

Another Pyro shot from Frank

Thanks to Billy Davies who took this photo of the Pyro being demolished. That was once Reyrolles offices on the skyline & it is soon to be demolished.

A final demolition photo from Billy and now the Pyro has gone forever. All those jobs lost to our town!