Hebburn footballers in mid WW2. Anyone recognise a relative?

TA lads at Cleethorpe in 1952

Some Palmer's electricians having a break beside the river in 1950.

Palmer's juniors football team abt 1950. Some names are G Grainger extreme right front, next to him F Wilkinson. A lad in back we think is J Burrows.

Four Hebburn girls in the 1950's.

A photo taken in 1919 showing St Aloysius mid Tyne league winners.with reserves, trainers & there Priest Fr Kerwick.

Some more Palmer's electricians just 5 yrs after WW2 ended. I wonder who had the foresight to take photos of workmates?

Palmer's must have had some good footballer's. These lads were the 1952-3 team

Photo taken in Palmer's but no dates. I'd guesss 1950's.

Palmer's workers having a break beside the river. They certainly liked getting there photos taken.(lol)

Some of the 'regular's' at the 'Pro' club on the corner of Carr St/Ellison St. John Scanlon's dad is on this photo.

Did you know Hebburn had a Rope Works near where Frazers was? John Scanlon's mother worked there & is on this early 1900's photo.