Painting of 'The Naval Yard' in 1940. My uncle Jim was on HMS Victorious then & in 1941 was involved with 'Sink the Bismarck'. He named his son Victor

An old friend loaned me this photo of the 1980/81 Newtown Schoolboys footballers. Recognise anyone?

Eveleen Bennet kindly sent this photo of Aloysius children WW1 time. Andrew Gallagher is 5th from rgt back row & James 4th from left, row in front.

That's Eveleen Bennet front right with her St Aloysius teaching staff colleagues.

Margaret & Peter O'Neil loaned this old photo. Can anyone remember anything about this 'Voluntary Welfare'?

Thanks to Gordon Johnson who is on this Newtown School photo that was in the 'Gazette'. Gordon is in the front row.

A 1930s photo of a Hebburn Quay Jazz Band called 'The Franconians' possibly at Wardley Welfare Ground.

Margaret O'Neil used to come all the way from Windy Nook (Gateshead) to her relations in Hebburn for Hols. This is Margaret in the Park 1948.

Margaret told a friend about this website & her friend had this 1933 Reyrolles Cricketers photo which she loaned me.

Peter O'Neil was from the 'Newtown' and in the 1950's was a 'Telegram Boy'. Here's Peter proud as punch in his uniform with his Bike.

Another photo (with description) from the late Davy Cram & thanks to his son Barry for sending it.

A final one from Davy Cram with his description. That's HMS Coventry closest with Sheffield or Chatham.