A George Dent school photo from 1954/55 with St Aloysius senior footballers. These lads left school at 15 yrs of age in those days.

Another school photo from George showing St Aloysius athletics squad, who were inter schools champions 1955.

St Aloysius footballers in 1955. 100 yds Behind the photographer was where the Bauxite was in Hebburn.

Ross Dyer sent this photo to www.hebburn.org owner Mike Ellison A lovely rare photo of McHugh's shop on corner of Tennant St/ Charles St.

Caroline Doyle kindly sent this photo of husband Gary at a Pyro Party in the 1960's.

Another one from Caroline showing St Aloysius children with Fr Walsh in 1980

Carolines photo of Hebburn kids at St Aloysius fancy dress sports day in the 80's

Fr Walsh with the first communion children in the early 1980's

Eveleen Bennet sent this photo taken at Alfred St on VE day. The babies are David & Dorothy Roberts. I went to school with David.

Caroline Doyle sent this one of Hebburn Highlanders Jazz band in 1970. Recognise anyone?

Gary Doyle & pals in Makendon St playing beside a puddle in 1965.

Fiona Dunn who's no relation sent this photo taken in the Conservative Club, Cuthbert St 1950. Her mum Alison Johnson is in the photo.

Eveleen Bennet photo of her two friends Amy Stewart & Alice Campbell on a cold day in Hebburn Park.No TV to keep you in the house then!

Eveleen Bennet photo, taken in St Kilda's Youth Club 'Concert Party, Jarrow 1944. Happy Days I imagine?