All of these original photos of 'our' HMS Kelly were generously given to me by Walter Wears's sister Betty.

Some of the Kelly Crew signatures in the book which Betty has given me to find a home for.

This photo is of a silver plate that was in Leslies boardroom, with the names & signatures of some crew/officers inc Lord Mopuntbatten.

The Admiral of the Fleet was Sir John Kelly & this is his daughter Antonia launching 'HMS Kelly' Oct 25th 1938.

Wasn't she a beautiful warship? A testimony to the brilliant workmanship of Leslies men.

Another lovely view of HMS Kelly now lying at the bottom of the Med south of Crete.

Lord Louis Mountbatten at the wheel during WW2.

Kelly en playing Leslies men bowls at Leslies sports field 10mths before Kelly was hit in the North sea

The cottages to the right were 'Quarry Cottages' which are long gone.

Mountbatten concentrating & weighing up the situation. I wonder who won this game?

HMS Kelly limping towards the Tyne after being badly damaged in the North Sea May 1940.

This shows what a mine or torpedoe can do to a ship. Photo taken in Leslies dock 1940.

Our local undertaker Joseph Donnelly had to remove the 27 bodies still inside the ship. These men are now in Hebburn Cemetery.

Lord Mountbatten regularly came back to 'Dear old Hebburn' . This photo is of his last visit in 1978

Mountbatten had a special place in his heart for Hebburn. Here he is on that last visit with Leslies men.