Mr Johnson donated this photo. Names inc B McCoy, J Connely,A Kelters,G Dent,E Johnson,J Sommerly,A McKenna,J Kelters,M Baird,Ann Kelters,

Trevor Munro sent this one of him & his mates way back in 1953.

Joan Thomas kindly donated this photo for us to share.Is that 'Palmer's' Sheds in view?

Mr Rutter loaned this old photo of the 'Newtown' kids collecting scrap metal for the war effort in 1943.

Lifelong friend Frank McNabola gave me this 1956 photo of the 'Argyle Hotel' .

Trevor Munro tells me an old friend says this was a Clegwell 'HMS Pinafore' production not 'Iolanthe'.Can anyone recognise a relative?

Joan Thomas in old Dunston St with what looks like 'Palmer's' behind her

Maurice Crewe kindly sent this Sea Cadet's photo all the way from Australia.

Another one from Maurice standing out in the cold outside St Cuthbert's on a cold winters day in the 1950's.

That's Maurice Crewe on his 'racer' in Tyne st with Argyle St & I think 'Usway St' across the road.

Joan Thomas in Dunston St, with Cuthbert st running across.That car says Tom Jackson is a 1935/37 Armstrong Siddeley 12+ (or maybe 14hp)

Mr McLauglin who lives in Jarrow gave this 1938 photo of his family picnic in Hebburn park, with the fence adjacent to the 'Second Lake' behind them.