Mrs Fawkes nee Firth gave me this photo taken in the early 1900's. That's Hawthorn Leslie's' but who remembers that chimney?

Mr Rutter loaned me this photo of Leslies Canteen down at the bottom end of Ellison St.

Quay Board School photo from Mr Rutter just before it was demolished in 1984.

Quay Board school photo taken from Lyon St in the 1980's.

A marvellous old early 1900's photo of Hebburn station before electrification in the 1930's. Thanks to Mrs Fawkes nee Firth for lending me photos..

The Co-op on Lyon St in 1982. Thanks again to Mr Rutter.

Joan Thomas photo taken in Dunston St

A Mr McLaughlin photo taken in the 'Tube Works' at the top of Northbourne Rd in 1951. My father in law Mr Raine was a Supervisor in this Factory.

Mr Rutter's photo of the Methodist Chapel in 'The Colliery' which is no longer there.

Another view of the Chapel from Mr Rutter.

Barry Cram sent this photo possibly taken in the 'Theatre Royal' Lyon St. The theatre burned down about 1950.

Trevor & Zeta Munro on there Grandparent's path at 16 Jutland Ave about 1944.