Dave Clark sent quite a few old photos for us & this one shows his Grandfather W Beckitt with his mates in Hebburn Park in the 1930's.

Joyce Price nee Cummings kindly sent me this family photo taken on the Station Bridge 1932-33.

A lovely old wartime photo taken in the Beckitt families William St home from Dave Clark who now lives in Merseyside.

Joyce Price neee Cummings at work in Reyrolles 1970. That Office block is still standing today in 2005.

Basil Johnson gave me a batch of old photos for these next pages. That's his Sea Cadet wife at the Cadets HQ near the old Ferry Landing.

Basil Johnson photo of Reyrolle men who'd won that trophy for Bowls, he thinks in the 1950's.Back left is B Quinn, 3rd from left at back is K Buck.

Dave Clark's modernish photo of Clegwell 6th form in 1982 at Hebburn 'Buff's' Club

Another from Dave Clark.

Maureen Lee nee Glynn sent this photo of Lord Louis Mountbatten's last Hebburn visit. That's Maureen's dad Tommy Glynn the Councillor.

Betty Young who lives in Bill Quay loaned me this photo of her & her brother in Mons Ave 1944/5. My Gran lived just across from where they are posing.

Basil Johnson worked in A/c's/Costing/Invoice section in Reyrolles. Another name he gives is Alec White 2nd left standing..

Another Basil Johnson photo taken in the 1940's. Anyone recognise an old relative or friend?

Basil Johnson photo again. He told me he hadn't heard of my website until recently so shredded some Hebburn Lakes photos recently. What a shame!

Last one on this page from Basil. He wasn't sure of the year, but we think more like 1970's judging by the flared trousers.