Another Dave Clark photo of school friends on a celebration night out from Clegwell 6th Form.

A photograph of Reyrolles first offices in 1905 which I think were previously something to do with a Dye Works

More Clegwell teenagers from 1982.

Joyce Price's mam outside the family house on Church St in the 40's, with St Andrews 'Hut' in view, also old Ellison St.

Norman Kennedy's sister loaned me this lovely old photo taken at Clegwell School(Now Bedewell)

Another from Norman Kennedy's sister.The girl in black dress 1st right is Marlene Curry.

Another Basil Johnson photo taken in Reyrolles offices. Anyone recognise anyone on the photo?

Mid Tyne area of the Tyne in the 1920's but where abouts is it? (I don't recognise anything)

Basil Johnson photo of a Reyrolles Account Office annual 'Do' in the 1950's.

Basil's photo taken in the 'Costing' dept 1957/8.

Malcolm Rigg said the building on rgt is old Main Gatehouse at Newtown Works.Main Gates can be seen next to it which leads to Victoria Rd.

Another one from Basil showing Reyrolles managers & staff

Margaret Clark outside the County Hotel at a Wedding reception.

The Beckitt's outside the County Hotel where the wedding reception for cousin Arthur Warwick was held