More photos of Reyrolles employees in the 1950's from Basil Johnson

Bill Willmer who worked at Frazers sent me this 1972ish photo. Argyle St & a lot of the old buildings can be seen on it.

A photo from Mr Rutter, of Newtown kids in 1943, collecting scrap for the war effort.

More of Basil Johnson's Reyrolles colleagues in the 50's. Recognise anyone?

Eveleen Bennett sent this old wartime photo of Hebburn children who were 'evacuees' during WW2.Poor quality but still recognisable.

Basil Johnson said this was some kind of competition with married versus singles.I don't know when this was taken.

Hebburn Palmer's new dry dock in 1961 thanks to Ray Marshall at the Chronicle.

Norman Kennedy's sister with her husband & baby in McIntyre St. First left is Cuthbert St & I think that's 'Duncan's' on the corner

Another Basil Johnson photo of Reyrolle colleagues in the 50's

Basil Johnson sent this 1955 photo of the second lake with what I think is Toner Ave adjacent to the lake

Basil's photo showing the remains of the old Boathouse on the second lake, with the Park trees in view.

Two Hebburn Palmers men renewing the depth markings on the side of the Dry Dock from Ray Marshall at the Chronicle.