A worker retrieving traces of precious metals from the lead at Bede Metal Works on the 'Low Road' in 1936. Anyone recognise the man?

Peter Johnson who is now an Abbot at a Monastery on the Isle of White, with his dad on the corner of Church/Hood St in 1948

Peter Johnson & a friend called Margaret outside his home in Price St 1946. Margaret who?

Northumbria Police generously raided there own funds to pay the 1600 cost of this therapeutic pool for the kids at Greenfield Special School in 1985.

Councillor Jenny Shearan, with ladies from local employer 'Louise Argyle' celebrating it's 5th birthday.

'Louise Argyle's' employees celebrating in 1986. This employer like a lot of others is no longer in existance

Clegwell 1B lads aged about 13 in 1959. Stuart Anderson kindly donated this & the next Class photo.

Clegwell 3B in 1961 just before they would be leaving school at 15. I recognise quite a few of these lads among them Barry Mason & Mel Luke,.

Peter Johnson sent me this lovely photo taken in Hebburn Park the year I was born (1944). Years later Ernest's son lived across the road from us.

Marion Coyne sent this photo of her & colleagues at the old Labour Club in Argyle St 1959.

Peter Johnson's family the 'Baird's' who lived in Cuthbert St opposite St Cuthbert's church 1950.

A lovely old photo of Reyrolles 'Contract's' girls (NOT Contacts) in 1961 supplied by Lance Liddle.