School St Flats in 1989.

The entrance to Simpson's Hostel. It became a bit of a dump but it was also part of Hebburn's history.

One of Simpson's Hostel rooms which at one time must have been luxury for the workers coming to Hebburn to work in the Shipyards.

The 'Flat's' in 1982 with what looks like Auckland Rd through the gap.

A photo of Hebburn shopping centre in 1973 taken from Victoria Rd West

1973 Hebburn Marina being landscaped. That's Walker ferry landing & the 'Bone Yard' across the river.

The Marina in the early 80's with 'Bill Quay' up river & Walker Naval Yard across from it..

Northumberland & Cumberland Courts in the 'Newtown' 1991 that are now demolished.

The 'Low Rd' (Wagonway Rd) leading to Jarrow with 'Patrick's' shop built 1855 on the left in the distance

Aerial view of 'Palmer's' Hebburn in 1979.

School St flats in 1979. All of these buildings are long gone.

Reyrolles men at a 'strike' meeting in the Park's 'dene' 1957. That's the new bandstand, but where is the old Victorian one now?