A new ship on the stocks at Hawthorn Leslies in 1964 taken from the area where Bonnacord St once was.

Hebburn's riverside in 1973 with the Naval Yard crane in view. To the left was the old rubbish tips.

A Shipyard workers meeting in 1979 in front of where the Ballast Hill stood.

The Victoria Rd East/ Campbell Pk Rd underpass, but it was rarely used & is now long gone.

'Roy's' on Glen St/Station Rd corner in 1984, which by now had became 'LeRoys' with a disco upstairs.

Another photo of the old 'Station Hotel' now named LeRoys in 1991 but still carrying on part of the name 'Roy's'.

Most of the centre area was once Hebburn Lakes.The school stands on the 'Boathouse' (2nd) Lake.

Ellison Hall in 1994. Wish it was still the old Infirmary!

A VE day party in Rede Ave (between Wickham Rd & Hedgeley Rd) in May 1945. Who donated this to me as I've lost my records?

Hawthorn Leslies' bottom gate in Ellison St in 1997

Inside the 'Pyro' in 1974. The Pyro & Bitumastic are gone & new housing will be built on the land in 2005.

The Brick Works Quarry close to Mill Lane & the Coke Ovens just out of shot in 1979