Bedeburn Road in the 1940's with very little traffic & much safer for children to go off for walks.

a lovely old photo of Jarrow Grammar School in 1960 with the Ford Prefect & Austin A30 & A40's in view.

Jarrow shopping centre in 1963 with 'Excel Bowl' Club Franchi', Smiths Ltd, Hardy & Co, Burton's.

Looking towards Lennig Chemical's' & the river in 1966

Jarrow Town Centre in 1973 with 'TheViking' ( Ben Lomond ) & Christ Church in view.

A 1979 Jarrow aerial photo with town centre shops in the centre of photo with Christ Church steeple to the left of them.

Vince Rea is a Jarrow artist/historian and opened a gallery in Butcher's Bridge Rd years ago, where he exhibited his collections..

The vehicle Tyne Tunnel construction in the early 60's. The tunnel entrance is in the very centre of the photo

Bottom half shows Bedeburn Rd area & the Grammar School. Centre area is the park & left of that the 'Tube Works' & Baker Perkins.

Christ Church area is in the centre of this 1986 aerial shot of Jarrow

'The Shop's' in 1973 .

Jarrow's shopping centre in 1985

Bedes Well at the very edge of the old 'Slag Heap' in 1973

Inside St Paul's Church for celebrations in 1973. That's the Bishop of Canterbury (Ramsey)

St Pauls celebrations in 1973