Thelma Patterson, nee Pike, loaned me quite a few lovely photos. This one is of her Hebburn family on the beach 1932

Thelma's 1918 photo of the Alfred St 'Victory tea party' thankfull WW1 was won.

A lovely old photograph of Glen St Methodist School Girls in 1920

Hebburn Park bowling team in 1952, in the days when no one stepped onto the hallowed turf apart from the bowlers.

A rare photo of Hood St in 1960 with the houses still intact on the left. That's the remains of the Ballast Hill to the left..

Thelma is related to the Pawsey family who were 'high up' in Reyrolles. This photo is a Reyrolles management outing in 1920.

Some of Reyrolles first management team in 1901

An accident on Station Rd beside Glen St in 1967. Thanks to that man crashing his car we have another photo of 'Roy's'.

Thelma's family all attended St John's and this photo of the Choir was taken in 1955

St John's Mother's Union in 1953. Anyone recognise a relative?

A steam train pulling coal wagons, coming through Hebburn Station in 1965

That Steam Train & coal wagons must have been going fast.