St Aloysius swimming team in 1978.That is Fr Walsh who now has a street named after him in the 'Colliery' area of the town.

St Aloysius footballers in 1975. Most of these Aloysius photos were loaned by Mary Melia (Campbell)

Aloysius children in the church garden 1960's.That's Lloyds Bank over the wall.

St Aloysius children in 1967

St Aloysius cup winning footballers in 1953

A lovely photo of St Aloysius children in 1967/8. When I was at Aloysius boys & girls were kept seperate.

A 1970 photo of Aloysius children, again in the church garden.

Ann St in 1960 with most of the old Ballast Hill gone

Clegwell's 'Pirates of Penzance' 1947. I lost my records & am not sure if Lance Liddle loaned this photo. 2 names on photo are E McMurray & R Gibson

These are mainly Reyrolles 'Relay' staff in 1956/7.

Mary Melia (Campbell) loaned this one of Reyrolles first aid team 1956/57.

An internal shot of the lovely St John's Church in 1952 from Thelma Patterson's photo album.