Bede copper workers in 1936. Bede Metals was situated across Wagonway Rd from Hebburn 'A'Pit and went right to the riverside.

Border Pele after it's launch in 1960. That is our old Ballast Hill in the background which was removed in the early 1960's.

A lovely wartime aerial view of Leslies, but I wish the old streets were more visible. Notice the two warships tied up!

Hebburn Colliery Silver Band which won that lovely trophy at Crystal Palace in 1904

Rhoda Ellis's (Nee McIntyre) photo of Grand-dad & two uncles in WW2 (in there Newton Tce backyard). Good job the Germans didn't try to occupy Hebburn.

Leslies 'Local Defence Volunteers' in WW2 . They were well trained & could use the latest weapons in case of a German invasion.

Hebburn Colliery Board School footballers photo which I've been told was taken about 1946-7

Another WW2 photo showing Leslies ' Local Defence Volunteers' in training. Later they became the 'Home Guard'

Rhoda Ellis sent this photo of Reyrolle management & staff in the early 1900's. Alphonse Reyrolle is seated in the front row centre.

One of the last photos of children taken at the Newtown School before it was demolished 1984-5.

Remember the shipyards? & at 'knocking off time' the streets filled with men (& women) rushing to get home. This shows Leslies workers around WW2 time

A Swan Hunter launch, but Leslies & Palmers can be seen on the right of the photo taken in 1961.