A whole page of Bob Canham photos starting with a view of the four Lakes from the Slaheap in the 1950's. A grainy photo from the Slagheap with Boldon Hill in distance. Recognise Monkton Village Pontop Line Crossing & the 'Metupa' stadium? A 1950' photo of the remains of Ellison Hall's private boathouse on the second lake.He must have been a good climber?
The 'First Lake' and old pumphouse with Quarry Rd & the original Clegwell school in the distance. A Bob Canham shot of the First Lake with the Park & Ellison Hall Infirmary in the right corner of photo Hebburn had an annual Flower Show in large Marquees in the Park. This 1940's photo of Barbara Canham shows Ellison Hall in the background
The Island Lake in 1957. It must have been a dry year because it was normally full of water with the Island inaccessible. Bob Canham's friend Joy in 1957. This is just a corner of one lake. Margaret Canham & kids taken in the Park showing the Rocky Horse & 'banana slide' with the Slagheap in the distance
Bob's photo of the 'roundabout' in the park. A lovely photo taken from the side of the 'Second Lake, showing it & Island Lake with Slagheap in distance.The trees are in & around Monkton. Another Bob Canham photo of the 'First Lake' in 1957
Margaret Canham pushing Sue Clark on the Swings in 1964. The Dene is behind those trees. Barbara Clark & Ray Forster on the swings in 1959 with the Lake as a lovely backdrop. The corner of the 'First Lake' in the 1950's with the Park railings.That's Quarry Rd houses in distance.