A whole page of Bob Canham photos starting with a view of the four Lakes from the Slaheap in the 1950's.

A grainy photo from the Slagheap with Boldon Hill in distance. Recognise Monkton Village Pontop Line Crossing & the 'Metupa' stadium?

A 1950' photo of the remains of Ellison Hall's private boathouse on the second lake.He must have been a good climber?

The 'First Lake' and old pumphouse with Quarry Rd & the original Clegwell school in the distance.

A Bob Canham shot of the First Lake with the Park & Ellison Hall Infirmary in the right corner of photo

Hebburn had it's annual Flower Show every year in large Marquees in the Park . This 1940's photo has Ellison Hall in the background

The Island Lake in 1957. It must have been a dry year because it was normally full of water with the Island inaccessible.

Bob Canham's friend Joy in 1957. This is just a corner of one lake.

Margaret Canham & kids taken in the Park showing the Rocky Horse & 'banana slide' with the Slagheap in the distance

Bob's photo of the 'roundabout' in the park.

A lovely photo taken from the side of the 'Second Lake, showing it & Island Lake with Slagheap in distance.The trees are in & around Monkton.

Another Bob Canham photo of the 'First Lake' in 1957

Margaret Canham pushing Sue Clark on the Swings in 1964. The Dene is behind those trees.

Barbara Clark & Ray Forster on the swings in 1959 with the Lake as a lovely backdrop.

The corner of the 'First Lake' in the 1950's with the Park railings.That's Quarry Rd houses in distance.