Thanks to Bob Canham for having the foresight to take photos of not just friends/family but views aswell. Bob's peaceful Hebburn lakes in the 1950's.

I didn't know a boat had lay under water in the 'Second' lake. I wonder if it was Mr Ellison's See how the lakes weren't all that deep after draining?

A lovely view of a Swan family on 'sandy bottom' lake in 1959 with Toner Ave across the water. It was named that because of the muddy bottom .

Kath McKee in centre with her pals close to the 'Dene' in Hebburn Park 1950's.Just out of sight to the right was the drinking fountain & swings etc.

Bob Canham & his friends at the Lakes in 1957.Two names are Kath McKee & a lad called Wadilove.

Bob's friend Joy feeding the swans on the lake. What a loss to Hebburn folk losing those lovely lakes.

See how the lakes were bordered with large stones quarried possibly from either the old Quarry or the Dene which I think was possibly a quarry once.

That is Toner Ave 7 the Cemetery Chapel behind Joy. See how the lakes were seperated by embankments which had paths on the top.

I think this is the Island Lake

This photo shows the suction pipes extending into the first lake from the Pumphouse. We kids used to swim off this in the summer evenings.

A frozen snow covered 'Island Lake' in the 1950's with the Slagheap looming large in the background.

See the old Bandstand & the lads playing football with a part of Toner Ave in view.

Sunset over Ellison Hall in 1957. Younger people know nothing about these lakes, but they can now get an idea of how large each lake was?

This Lake was where three children fell through the ice around 1957/8 so the Authorities decided to drain them so it wouldn't happen again.