Thanks to Mrs Selkirk who lives in Jarrow for loaning me this whole page of Baker Perkins related photos

Baker Perkins Sports Day in the summer of 1977

Anyone recognise a friend or relative at the 1977 Sports Day?

That's Mrs Selkirk's daughter dressed as a 'Womble' at Baker's 1977 Sports Day

Baker Perkin's lads on one of there nights out in the 1960's

Another Baker Perkins 'do' in the 1960's.

A Baker Perkins Xmas Party which I think was in the late 1950's.

Mr Selkirk with two lovely ladies in the 1960's

A photograph taken inside Baker Perkins, but date not known

Baker Perkins machine shop around the 1960's

A Baker Perkins party photo with a Local 'Rock'n'Roll group entertaining the kids early 1960's.

Another 1960's group of Baker Perkins men on a night out.

Baker Perkins must have been a friendly place to work judging by the nights out they had.