Hebburn Newtown Schoolgirls photo taken in the 1950's

Bob Canham's friends being photographed by him close to where the Mill Tavern stands today

Can you recognise gran or great gran on this 1950's photo? I've been told that 3rd from left, back row is Sarah (Sally) Jackson 1884-1972.

Another Bob Canham photo he took of his mates 'hanging around' College Rd area 1955.

Long time friend Frank McNabola loaned me this photo which was taken at one of the 'Pyrotenax' Xmas parties around 1950/51.

Hebburn cricketers

Another photo supplied by Bob Canham but this time he's on it.with his friends

Mattie Harrison Quartet performing at the 'new' Labour Club

Reyrolle's men at Otterburn Hall in Northumberland . Alan Campbell tells me it was 1973 to 75 and his Dad is on the photo..

Hebburn Palmers riveters at work on the hull of a ship in the 1930's.

That's Bob Canham on the left in 1955 with his mates sitting on the grass next to where the Mill Tavern stands today.

A 1957 Bob Canham photo of his three mates standing close to where the Mill Tavern now stands.