A Bob Canham photo of the Coke Works in 1960. These works are now gone.

Bob took this photo of the 'Dredger's' which were a common site in the 50's/60's keeping the river Tyne deep enough for Shipping.

Hebburn riverside looking towards the Tyne & Walker around 1960. (Bob Canham photo)

Bob's photo of a Naval Yard launch taken from Hebburn riverside late 50's early 60's.

A hand tinted real photo around 1900 taken in Hebburn Park. I think thats the Boer war memorial on the 'hill' where I remember the old Canon gun stood

Hedgeley Rd backlane photo taken in 1957. Can you recognise anyone?

Bob Canham photo taken in Reyrolles 1960's.

Hebburn's 'Stephenson' brothers with bro in law Stan Forster who gave me so many brilliant photos before he died in 2004.

A lovely old photo taken in Leslies in 1921

A Bob Canham photo from when Finchale Rd was being built. Notice the 'Slag Heap' in the distance!

Bob Canham outside Stan & Winnie Forsters house in Mons Ave 1956.

College Rd area in the 50's.