Brian Dennison loaned me this photo of kids playing in Prince Consort Rd lane showing the cleared land where one side of Lyon St houses once stood

Brian Dennison photo of relative Jean McIntyre standing where the old houses once stood

The only known photo from Library records showing part of 'The Theatre' the day it burned down on Oct 7th 1950

Next door to the Theatre which was built in 1897 & badly damaged that day was the 'Ellison House Hotel'.

About 80 Firemen fought the 'Theatre' fire on Lyon St. It was replaced by the 'Rex' on the 'High Rd' in the late 50's

Brian Dennison's relative Karen McIntyre on the back stairs of 37 Prince Consort Rd which was opposite 'Whites Marine'

Brian's 1960's photo of kids in the back lane of Prince Consort Rd.

Local kids posing for a photo in 1960 in the old back lane. Thanks to Brian Dennison again.

Brian's mother Frances & cousin Rhoda in the 50's at the front door of there Flat on Prince Consort Rd

Kids in the lane in 1960 showing the derelict land where once generations of Hebburn folk lived.

More names on this photo from Lilian Flack are Mary Scanlon, N Vass, L Crooks, Kathy Burke, Nora Hare, F Hodgson, Sylvia Buckley

Remember the 'White Hut'? well this is one with me on it when Joe Metcalfe taught us Judo. Most of those people lived in the vicinity. Where are they?