My wife was Joan Raine & this is her class photo from Croft Tce in 1961.

The Raine family attended St Mark's and this photo is from there collection of family photos showing regulars from the 1950's.

HMS Queen Mary built at Palmers ended up being the largest WW1 battleship to be sunk at the battle of Jutland with loss of 1266 men. (1916)

A beautiful old 1942 wartime photo of Jarrow Air Training Corps (ATC) in Croft Tce yard. Thanks to Patrick Brennan for sending me this photo.

Remember the 'Regal' ? well it used to be 'The Kino' and this architects drawing off Rhoda Ellis dates from 1910 when it opened.

Margaret Keen nee Joyce photos. Boys L to R are 3 E Hawes,7 G Slowey,8 J Watson,9 J Durham. girls 1 L Tobin, 2 J Tunnicliffe, 5 M Joyce,9 T Woods.

Jarrow Mercantile Dry Dock men in 1950 ish.

Monkton Rd school boys in 1956. The handsome boy in the white shorts loaned me this photo. His dad taught in my school (Aloysius)

St Bede's 'East Jarrow' school kids in the 1930's when times were really tough. The school was next to St Paul's Church near Jarrow 'slake'.

I lived at Cloverhill in 1972 & this photo is one I took of my son with his pals who were all neighbours.

St Bedes footballers about 1952

Another 1950's photo from my wifes families photo album showing how well little St Mark's church was supported years ago.