Margaret Harrison (nee Campbell) loaned this photo of Mrs S Campbell and J English on Ann /Church St corner in 1968

Little miss English in 1968. See how St Andrews & other sandstone buildings were blackened after years of us using coal fires.

The corner of Ann St, this time showing Carol Spedding & a glimpse of St Andrews

This photo from Mike Ellison's site was unidentified until Mike put it onto his Forum & we verified it was the old Chapel in School St

Footballers on Tennants field with Ballast Hill & Reay Gear Works in background. Thanks to Margaret Harrison for this & the other photos she loaned .

Another lovely old photo from Margaret Harrison (nee Campbell). Thats Prince Consort Rd & the Reay Gear Works behind.

Jonathan Harrison playing outside Attlee Court one of the School St Flats which are no longer there.

Ray Harrison photo of Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal built by Swan Hunters & tied up at Walker Naval Yard..

Margaret Harrison (Campbell) on the right at work in Reyrolles 'Grid' Room 1965 with Mary Parkes nee Hebson (Bluehouse Farm family)& Mary Dixon.

Margaret Harrison's Buchanan St photo in 1975 with Alexandra Fisher, Nicola Harrison & Jacqueline English

Jacquline English, Carol Spedding, Alexandra Fisher & Jonathan Harrison playing outside Attlee Court in 1973.

Hebburn Colliery in 1862 which shows very little of Hebburn had been built in those days. Add Ellison Hall & a few farms & that was it!