Alice Pringle (nee Oliver & ex Ann St) loaned this photo of her first husband J Stirling (The young lad front right) in Reyrolles Swimming Club 1934.

An old Mid Tyne 'Hebburn Ferry' at Wallsend landing. I don't know the year it was taken.

A 1919 Victory Tea Party in Victoria Rd West celebrating the end of WW1. Jim Cuthbert a member of the local History Society loaned me this photo

Ken Watson loaned this photo & named some of the people.He thinks it was possibly St Aloysius or Quay folk.

Another Ken Watson photo. This one is of lads who frequented 'The Kip' which in the 50's was in Lyon St next to Smiths Printers.

Ken Watson photo & he thinks it was either Leslies 100th birthday 'do' or a Xmas 'do' in 1951/52

Ken took this one from the top of the Ballast Hill showing all the old streets Mr Leslie had built for his workers.

Ken Watson photo of the sea cadets probably in the 50's

My old school pal the late Jim Clark's son loaned me this photo taken in the Quay Board School 1975/76.

Alice Pringle's school photo about 1928ish. (She was Alice Oliver then). My Aunt Alice is in back row.

Another one from my old school pals son & taken in the Quay School 1977

A 1916-17 photo of Hawthorn Leslies from the Ballast Hill . Also showing is the rear of Bonnacord St.