Jenny Gibbs nee Stephenson loaned me some old photos. This one was taken at Clegwell during HMS Pinafore rehearsals in 1943.

A photo from Mr T Turner of him in centre with Hawthorn Leslies Draughtsmen colleagues in the mid 1950's.

Another Jenny Gibbs (nee Stephenson) photo showing her husband with his pals in the Buffs, Ellison St in the 50's.

Jenny's photo of the girls at the Pyro in wartime. The man on left is Mr dunn (no relation) & the white coated chap was Angus.

Another wartime Pyro photo from Jenny's photo album.

A meeting of the management & workers in the Pyro during the 50's. Jenny is the lady in white blouse.

More photos of Buff's regulars in the 1950's. The only name Jenny remembered was Mr Wheatley.

The Pyro Xmas party held in the old 'Powerhouse'. Imagine how happy they were after surviving WW2.

Rhoda Ellis sent me this photo her sister found in her family album. It shows Newtown School children in the 1950's.Aln St is behind.

Jenny is in her 80's now & Gladys in her 90's. Anyone recognise a family member?

Jenny and her Pyro friends around wartime (1940's).

A lovely school photo taken about 1928 showing Jenny's cousins who were born in 1922/23 at the long gone Colliery Board School.