Ray Daglish sent this photo hoping to obtain more names. He discovered these local men are Boxers that attended a club in Tyne Dock

Stan Wears who was brought up in Quarry Rd loaned this photo of Young Conservatives in Hebburn 1956-7. Vera Rodger is my aunt

St Andrews Church regulars on a day out in the 1950's from Alice Pringle (nee Oliver)

14 yrs old Stan Wears with his mam Ellen in 1960. Stan was in Jarrow Air Cadets hence the uniform.

Stan Wears photo showing some of Reyrolles Office workers on there Sunday Bike ride in 1957.

That's Stan's dad Charles Wears, ex Royal Navy, at an award ceremony at Hebburn Sea Cadets early 1960's.

Stan's photo of Hebburn Park bowlers including two Wears relatives in 1975

Another photo from Stan showing Reyrolles 'Progress Chasers' on an annual 'outing' in 1960

Stan's photo of the 'Progress Chaser's' on there 1962 annual 'outing'. Where were they here?

See how things have changed since Tommy Turner's parent's got him this toy car in 1933?. This was taken in his Shakespeare Ave garden.

Lovely little Gladys Wheatley outside her long gone Dunston St door in 1948.Apologies for forgetting who loaned me this photo.

This is a photo I took of my Hebburn cousins Doreen & Billy Nicholson at our house 1971-2 with there Hebburn friends..