Because I have a few Boldon Colliery photos & it is a neighbour of Jarrow, I thought I would add them to this page

Another Boldon Colliery Station photo taken about 1950

East Boldon Station again. All three photos were taken by an Alan Ramsay who was a Railway enthusiast

Dave Newby in Hibernian Rd back lane. That is the Masonic Hall on Grange Rd in the distance. Jarrow Shopping Centre stands on this land today.

A real photograph that has been tinted by hand showing Ormonde St in 1909 or earlier

Stan Wears sent me this 'Morganite Resistors' 'Strike' meeting photo from 1957. I wonder what made them smile?

A lovely old 1911 photo of Palmer's Ship yard in Jarrow.

Elizabeth Tindle's 1950s photos she sent to Mike Ellison ( website editor) who kindly passed them onto me for my Jarrow pages.

Another 1957 Morganite Resistors strike meeting photo from Stan Wears.The workers even brought the children along.

Elizabeth Tindles 1950s aerial photo of Shell Mex with some long gone surrounding streets in view.

Another photo of the Morganite employees in 1957. By the faces I think they may have got there pay rise.

The woodyard men loading pit props in the 1950's for the hundreds of local coal mines. Today our coal mines in the NE have all closed