All of P170 are photos loaned by Vivienne Johnson nee Thompson.This shows 'Tyne Duchess' Mid-Tyne Ferry leaving Walker in the 1950's.

This photo is of Vivienne's relative George Bowman with his Reyrolle colleagues.

A lovely old 1930's photo of Viv's relative Anne Drewry in Hebburn, but where was it taken? Viv thinks possibly the Quarry houses

A Reyrolles night out. Vivs relatives are 3rd & 4th left NOT as on photo

Ian Glendenning kindly loaned this photo to Vivienne for me. It shows Hebburn Rovers cycle club possibly at the Park in 1910

Vivs relative George Drewry on a night out in Hebburn but where?

Just to give an idea of life in the 1940's here is George & Anne Drewry relaxing & probably listening to the 'wireless'. No TV or computers then.

That is Vivienne our photo contributor on the right.I think that's Walter Wears & daughter Pauline back right.

Some more Reyrolles employees on a night out in 1962.

If you look closely you will see in the distance the old 'Pelaw Main' Staiths. That's Walker Naval Yard across the river.

Hebburn riverside in the 1950's.The Ballast Hill was just to the right of that building

Looking up river 1950's. All the river photos on the page were taken by George Bowman.