Helen Catcherside sent me this photo of her Hebburn relatives & there friends in 1958 on Bedeburn Rd in Jarrow,

This is Hebburn's 'B' Pit which closed before the 1900's and was behind the Clock Hotel area close to Hedgeley Rd/Black Rd

Vivienne Johnson's relative George Drewry & pal relaxing in the back yard in the 40s.

'The Clock Hotel' darts team with George Drewry & George Bowman.Who are the others?

Joyce Price nee Cummings kindly sent this photo of her with her children standing where Bonnacord St once was

Vivienne Johnson's relative George Drewry again, this time with Hebburn lasses in the 1940's.

Helen Catcherside photo of her relatives with friends around the early 1950's. Young Peter McNamara in the front was born about 1942/3 .

Helen sent this 1911 photo of her relative Martha McIntyre taken in her Ellison St back yard.

Vivienne loaned this photo of the Liner 'Empress of England' at Walker. It's future maiden voyage was in 1957

Joyce Price photo showing her children where she once worked in Reyrolles. Today a housing estate stands on this land.

Joyce was brought up in these streets.They are standing roughly where Hood St used stretched upto the Church.

Three Hebburn men out for a drink in the 1950's. Sorry, but I forgot who loaned this photo I scanned ages ago.