Patrick Brennan is researching Hebburn Argyle football team & sent me these photos. What street in 1906 is that? James St possibly?

An FA Cup qualifying tie between Hebburn Argyle at home & Mickley Oct 6th 1906 which we won 2-0.Thanks to Patrick for the information & pic.

The same 1906 game so maybe we nearly scored again. That is St Andrews steeple in the distance so those houses could be Collins Lane

Other names are T McHugh, M Hayes, J Scott, P Allan, P Jones, S McIntyre, G McCaffery, A Larner, M McAvoy,& A Taylor.Thanks to T Farrel.

Boer war Memorial early 1900s. The man is comforting children who've possibly lost there father or relative in the war which took place 1899-1902 .

Dave Newby's photo of Hebburn Co-op band in the 1900's.Two Byers brothers in the band. Anyone recognise the others?

Reyrolles AFC 1935-36.Some names are L, Wakenshaw, T Byers,F Hibbert,S Hawkins,W Ellis,H Dryden,C Docherty,R Yeoman,Pop Richardson,G Watson,H Hudson

Barry Cram sent this photo of Hebburn Pro Club trippers in Ireland 1966. Thats Barry's wife the young girl in front row.

Dave Newby photo of him & Margaret Byers in Wellington St looking towards St John Ave. Remember that Shop? (Mrs Rickaby's)

A lovely old early 1900's postcard taken in Hebburn Park. This postcard was borrowed from Mike Ellison's website.

Janis Blower (Shields Gazette) sent this photo taken in the 'Rex' 1955 ish. It belonged to the Dawes Bros who previously owned the old 'Theatre'

Last one from Dave Newby showing Reyrolles cup winners in 1937.