A photo from Andy Stevenson showing his Nana Frecker (centre back) plus an Uncle & Aunt 'clippy mat' making in a Charles St yard in 1935.

Andy's other photo of John & May Garden in Charles St. One day we'll get a photo of the whole street rather than parts of it.

Mark Batey sent this blurred photo of his sister Andrea & pals in Morrison Court 1977. These were known as School St Flats

Barry Cram's dad Davy took this photo of the beginnings of Hebburn Village on land once occupied by the old 'C' Pit.

Ray Marshall from the Chronicle sent me this photo of young lads looking into St Bedes Well in 1932. These lads will be in there 80's now.

Kevin Blair borrowed this lovely 1960 to 61 Quay School photo for me off his pal Ken Stubbs who is on the photo.

Kevins friend Norman Feargrieve loaned him this 1937-38 photo for me showing Reyrolles footballers with there training staff.

Len Scott sent this photo to Mike Ellison who runs the excellent www.hebburn.org website & asked Mike to pass a copy to me. Brilliant photo isn't it?

Marion Coyne kindly sent me this 1930 Quay Board School photo. Three children on the photo are Billy & Olive Mather & Peggy Martin

Stephen Southall who's grandfather McDougal worked at a Hebburn Colliery early 1900s found my website so sent me this photo.1912 NOT 1930

Terry Folkard another of Kevin Blair's pals sent him this photo to give me. It shows his Clegwell 1956-57 class

A very old photo of the main entrance into Hebburn Cemetery which was opened around 1890