A photo from the archives showing Jarrow's old Cement Works in the early 1920s

Patrick Brennan sent me this photo his friend Godric Page loaned him, showing Jarrow men at Corby Hall in the 1930's.

Stephen Southall who had Hebburn ancestors found my website while surfing, so kindly sent me this old Grange Rd 1930's photo for my website.

Ruth Scott collects postcards & kindly sent me this multi view of Jarrow along with quite a few others.

Monkton Village looking east in early 1900's from Ruth's collection.

Hebburn ex pat Elizabeth Tindle (nee Baker) in Australia sent this aerial shot of the Bede Trading Estate in the 1950's. That's the Morganite factory

Patrick Brennan seems to be constantly researching & has came across this Palmers 'Munitionettes' Ladies football team taken during WW1 (1914-18)

Elizabeth Tindle (Baker) sent this 1950s pic of a ship full of pit props being unloaded to the wood yard then bound for the N E Pits.

An old postcard of St Pauls Church from Ruth Scott. Notice the gravestones which are no longer there having been moved years ago.

What a beautiful 1858 drawing of St Bede's Well beside the stream. Thanks to Patrick Brennan for finding this drawing & passing it onto me.

Ruth Scott's 1905 postcard of the 'Ben Lomond' hotel which is still there today on the corner of Grange Rd/Ellison St.

Ray Marshall at the Chronicle loaned me this Bedes Well photo from 1932 so I blew it up to see if anyone could recognise any of the boys.