Steven Moore kindly sent me these Hebburn Sea Cadet photos on this page.This one shows the Area Officer visiting the HQ in 1985

Hebburn Sea Cadet's Guard of Honour next to the river Tyne in 1985

Norman Feargrieve sent this photo via Kevin Blair, showing Hartleyburn football club in 1957.

Our Hebburn Sea Cadets alongside 'Ark royal' a Tyne Built aircraft carrier in 1985.

Lord Louis Mountbatten's final visit to Hebburn where 'his' famous HMS Kelly was built.

A nice last view of Lord Louis Mountbatten with Hebburn sea cadets.

Reyrolles footballers & coaching staff kindly loaned to Kevin Blair by friend Norman Feargrieves.

Norman Feargrieves photo of St Cuthbert's Church football team in 1934-35 . Anyone recognise the players?

The Station Hotel was known as 'Roy's'. In it's last years it became Leroys & this is there football team photo from Norman Feargrieves.

Hebburn lads ready for a Charity match. I recognise Joe Armstrong .

Hebburn's Rememberance Day parade outside the Park & Cemetery in 1982

Another photo of the rememberance day parade in 1982. Thanks to Steve Moore for these sea cadet photos on this page.