Kevin Connolly's 1980s photo from Argyle St showing St Aloysius school being demolished.

Todays children have sports fields. Us Aloysius boys had that Yard to share with the girls.Another photo from Kevin.

Kevins 1980s photo from Argyle St of the long gone Flats that were built where the pre-fabs once stood.

Kevin's photo from the 80s showing Barrows premises on Northbourne Rd which are long gone.

Kevin's 1980s photo looking down Hedgeley Rd with the Bitumastic on the left. Further down was the Pyro

Kevin took this photo of the old chapel in 'The Colliery' before it was demolished in the 1980s.Isn't it a shame losing our historic buildings.

Kevin took this one in 1992 showing the 'Dole' which is no longer there. Today a Nursing Home stands in its place.

Remember Frazer's at the side of the Station Bridge? Kevin took this one in the 80s.

My first school 'St Aloysius Infant's' down Argyle St. Photo taken by Kevin in the 80's.

The old Millhouse Farm in Mill Lane in the 1980s. Now it has a Pub alongside called the 'Cockcrow Inn'.

Kevin's photo of the Staiths in the 80s. They were situated close to the 'White Lead' (Royal Hotel) later called 'Dougies Tavern'

Kevin took this lovely photo of Reyrolles Sportsfield in the 80s. Today those buildings are long gone.