From the 'Remember When' magazine published 5 times a year by the Evening Chronicle. This is Clegwell pupils performing 'The Gondoliers' in 1950

Another 'Gondoliers' photo with Names.

A lady called Maureen Tobin nee Ramshaw sent this photo showing Palmers accounts staff (Or some of them)

Kevin Connolly's close up photo of St Bedes Well. I think I preferred the Well with the wall around it and railings on top.

Kevin's photo looking up river at the Staiths closest to the bottom of Black Rd.

A 1992 shot of Frobisher St from Kevin

Does anyone recognise these Jarrow & Hebburn girls in a Hebburn club, taken from a 'Remember When'

Mill Farm on Mill Lane was bought by a Brewery who then built a Pub next door called the 'Cockcrow' which is an old Hebburn name

St Cuthbert's new vicarage being built right next to the church.

Maureen Tobin sent me this photo saying it's a Palmer's cricket team 1957/58. Hubby Brian is 1st left back row.

Kevin's photo of Harrison's little ship yard at Bill Quay in the 80s

Kevin's shot of Walker Naval Yard which is no longer there. The stone may have something to do with RB Harrison's shipyard.