Tracy Burgess photo. Can you recognise anyone?

This photo is on P148 without names so I have added this version with all the names thanks to Kevin Blair.

This is also on P148 without names, but Kevin Blair has managed to get them for us.

Kevin Connolly's photo of the staiths with that familiar NEM Crane across the river

Tracy Burgess sent this lovely photo of Leslies men probably getting acknowledged for long service. Her late dad was John Totten front row.

Mary McBarron sent this lovely photo to Mike at the website showing the Newtown School children probably in the 30s or 40's

A second Newtown School photo that Mike Ellison of the website allowed me to 'steal' for this website

Another Kevin Connolly 1980s photo of Reyrolles

Tracy Burgess's dad John Totten out with his mates. Front row 3rd left is Jimmy McIntyre.

Another photo from Tracy of her dad 3rd from the right with his pals 40s or 50s

Another photo Tracy sent of dad on the right with his pals in the late 40s or maybe the 50s. Jimmy McIntyre is 4th from right standing

Hawthorn Leslies apprentices 1946-7.Some names are J Roberts,J Totten,A Seymour,J Young, L Chapman,? Maddison,