Tony Lee sent this photo looking up Ellison St with the brand new houses on the left and the old Properties on Lyon st corner still standing

Tony's photo from the opposite direction showing the old shops not long before being pulled down.

Tony's photo of the new St Cuthbert's Vicarage taken from ellison st

Brenda Graham who lives in Devon sent this & a few more photos. This one shows her grandfather George with his work mates in Hebburn Park early 1900s

Brenda's grand dad is on this beautiful old photo of Hebburn Park gardener's in 1908-1910.Anyone recognise a family member?

Brenda's 1920 photo of Newtown School girls. Can anyone recognise Gran or Grandma who'd have been born about 1912 or 1913

Tony Lee's photo of the 'Bank's of the Tyne' not long before it was burned down. Previously this 'Colliery' pub was the 'Ellison Arm's' .

Tony Lee took this photo of Simpson's Hostel from the Colliery Club car park.

Tracy Burgess sent this photo of her dad John Totton & friends in the 50s. Recognise anyone?

Len Scott sent this photo of his mother Nancy, cousin Mary Langlands & friends on a night out.

These 1914 group 10 Newtown Infant School girls would now be in the 90's now if still alive. Can anyone recognise Gran, Great Gran?

Pity photos had been taken showing more of the old streets. This is Brenda Graham's mam Nellie Aynsley with her sister Joan