Gordon Mitchell sent me quite a few photos on this page. This one shows part of Jarrow Train station beyond the corner shop on Grant/Railway St.

This photo from Gordon shows the Queen's Pub Union St dart team. Union St was where 'The Empire' cinema was.

Gordons 1987 photo looking down Albert Rd with Bedeburn Rd going off right.This junction is where the Traffic Lights were at one time.

Gordon's 1924-26 photo showing Betty Young in the original 'Cottage' Pub waiting to pull a pint for someone & it'll only cost them 3p in todays money

Gordon's 1920s photo in the 'Cottage' pub. Note the prices of 7d for a pint of Bitter & 9d for an ordinary whiskey. (7d is 3p & 9d is abt 5p)

Gordon's 1991 photo of the 'Borough Arm's Hotel' in North St next door to what used to be the Co-op & all now gone

NOTE this is a lovely 1955 photo NOT 1952 as I wrongly typed on it. It's from Gordon showing Croft Tce pupils & staff at there Xmas Party.

Llyn Green contacted me & sent me these 5 slices of a real long photo showing Grammar School pupils in 1957.

Second slice of the photo from Llyn. The photo was 3ft long so had to be sliced.

3rd Slice from Llyn.

Llynn's 4th slice of the 1957 photo.

Last slice of the 1957 photo but it's a shame part of this last piece of the photo is bleached out a bit.