We think this is St Bedes footballers in the war years around 1943. Mrs Hall recognised her uncles Edmund & Peter Round in the front row.

Eddie Gregg's mother in law Margaret Montague who was born in 1922 with her mother in Western rd in about 1932-34.

Eddies mother in law Margaret Montague with who she called Aunty Sarah & Uncle Denny about 1932-34 in the back yard Western Rd.

A letter sent from the Secretary of 'Palmer's Prize Band' sympathising with the death of Eddie Greggs Grandad in 1937

Eddie Gregg sent this & the next three Brian Carruthers photos of the railway lines & Locos in Jarrow quite a while ago

Another of Brian Carruthers photos sent to me by Eddie Gregg. We used to hitch rides on these trucks in the 50s.

A cold snowy Jarrow showing the Pontop Line steam engine waiting to return with empties

Last one of Brian Carruthers Jarrow railway photos

Eddie Gregg's relative Frank Knight son of the Gas Yard Superintendent posing on his Bike in 1937 with the Tyne behind him

Another 1937 photo of Frank Knight who married Eddie's Aunt Lilly. The photo was taken in the Gas Yard.

Frank Knight with Eddie Greggs dad in Etal Cres around Second World War time. Note the Anderson Shelter above ground in the garden.

Frank & Lily Knight on there sidecar outfit in the old Gas Yard 1937

Janis Blower sent me this aerial photo of Jarrow in the 60's with the new Shopping Centre

A photo of Jarrow Bus Station under construction

Gordon Mitchell sent this lovely old photo of his dad playing for Rose Villa between 1926-29 & who played in the Raglan St area.