Irene Gray generously loaned quite a lot of old photos for us to share. This one shows St Paul's Church Lads Brigade in the 1920s.Recognise anyone?

Another from Irene showing St Paul's Church Lads Brigade in the 1920s, possibly at Whitburn Camp

Irene's photo of St Paul's Church Lads Brigade at Whitburn Camp in 1924.

Irene loaned this lovely old photo of Croft Tce schoolgirls in the early 1900s. Her mother is on this photo

Irene thinks this is Dunn St School early 1900s. Can anyone recognise dad or grandad or great grandad?

Irene Gray told me this photo is of the people who ran the First Aid Post at Primrose Hill Hospital during WW2.

Thats Irene second from left next to her sister receiving a First Aid Trophy (Bellwood Trophy)

Irene (Who's mam is on photo) told me this is Jarrow Higher Grade School early 1920s'. Later it became 'The Central School'

Irene & sisters were involved with St John's Ambulance & Jarrow ATC. This is one of the ATC lads in the 50s. That is William Downey with glasses on.

Irene's photo taken at St Paul's Church in the very early 1900s publicising some kind of amateur stage production

This photo is also off Irene showing one of Hebburn Lakes swan's that decided to take a look round the Tube works in the 50s

Irene's last photo on this page showing 'Jarrow Wheeler's' Cyclists at Barnard Castle in the 1920s. Cycling must have kept a lot of people fit then.