Irene Gray photo taken in the 1950s or 60s inside the Tube Works which was at the south end of Northbourne Rd

A lovely old photo of Irene Gray with her dad & the Co-op Horse in Raby Gdns in 1948

Bob Cumming's the Co-op milkman with his Horse drawn milk float in Raby Gds 1948.

The Co-op horse giving Irene Gray a free ride in 1948

Irene's photo of the 'Victory Tea Party' held in Raby Gdns 1945.

Irene Gray's class photo from her Central Schooldays there in 1962. Can you recognise anyone?

Irene's photo showing a Tube work's outing with 'Galley's Coaches' in the 1950s. Her dad John is on this photo

Another of Irene's Tube Work's outing photos from the 1950s.

Irene loaned this 1935 photo of Lloyd at the long gone Paper Mill.That's her dad holding her older sister

Irene's photo taken at Valley View School in 1952/3 with Head Mistress Miss Logan & Miss Farrow.

Irene's photo of St Pauls Church Lads Brigade around WW1 time (1914-18). Can anyone spot a relative?

Another of Irene's smashing photos. This is believed to be the first Ambulance in the Borough.