Ian Turnbull kindly brought these photos to me from Charlie Cram.This one is Charlie's St Aloysius Class in 1948

Dinah Burrell photo taken in the old Store Hall.Girl 1st left is A Gibbons.Two more names are Sheila Nesbitt & Jim Eams

Inside St Aloysius Church in the early 1900s

Dinah sent this rememberance day photo taken in Hebburn Cemetery 1960 with quite a few names on it.

Charlie Cram photo taken in Hebburn Pit Yard 1951.

Another Charlie Cram photo taken outside the 'Caledonian' in 1952

Stewart Anderson kindly sent this 1950s Clegwell Opera photo. Clegwell School (Now Bedewell) was well known for the opera's they performed each year

These Clegwell lads in 1958 were due to leave school in a very short time.

Charlie Cram class photo at St aloysius 1948

Charlie Cram sent this photo of St Aloysius lads in 1948

More of the teenagers at the Store Hall dance where Jerssie Ives moved to after leaving the Power House premises

Dinah with some more friends at the Store Hall Saturday night 'dance' 1960ish