Gordon Bates loaned me quite a few photos. This one is Hebburn Bowling Club in 1905 with Ellison Hall behind

Another og Gordon's smashing photos showing Hebburn Bowling Team in 1905

Gordon's photo of St John's Choir outside Church in the very early 1900s.

Hebburn 'Newtown School' kids in 1936.Sorry but I forgot who sent me this one.

Remember 'The Powerhouse'? this is why it was called that. Thanks to Gordon Bates for these photos.

This photo from Gordon shows why the 'Club' was called 'The Powerhouse'. This is it early 1900s producing Hebburn's electricity.

Gordon's photo of Mr Alphonse Reyrolle (centre) & the men who helped him build Reyrolles

Another of Mr Reyrolle & his staff in the very early 1900s from Gordon Bates.

Thanks to Stewart Anderson who sent this lovely photo of a trip ready to leave Hebburn Colliery in the early 1900s

Another lovely old photo from Stewart Anderson showing four young Hebburn Lads in the early 1900s. How times have changed!

Stewart Anderson kindly sent this photo of the Glen St Canteen Staff in 1956