Sadie Craigs (maiden name) photo of the 1250th dedication service at St Pauls abt 1949 with our Civic Leaders

Sadie Craigs photo inside the new Tube Works in 1938. Her dad was in charge of the Electricians.

George Johnson sent me this photo of Ellison School children in 1935. George has kindly named 8 of the children

Sadie Craigs photo inside the Tube Works 1938 which was the year it opened so everything is brand new.

Mr Mitchell sent this photo of the Empress of England passing Jarrow 1955-56.

Sadie Craigs photo of the busy Mercantile Dry Dock in 1949, just a few short years after WW2 ended.

Jean Gray loaned this lovely war time photo of Sid & Dolly Wilson who were valuable first aiders in Jarrow during WW2

Sadie Craigs lovely old photo of people playing Tennis in Monkton Dene Park in 1949

George Johnson's photo taken in the Congregational Church, May Day 1940 in the second year of WW2.

Sadie Craigs photo of kids playing in Monkton Dene / Jervis park 1949 

The opening of the Tube Works in May 1938. Sadie is the little girl invited because dad was chief Electrician (Elec Engineer?)

Sadies photo of when the Howdon side tunnellers met the Jarrow tunnellers abt 1949. This was the Pedestrian Tunnel .