Ormonde Brown was born in Carter Ave & all this page of photos were loaned by him.This one was taken at Fiondas Shop.

Ormonde in 1940s on the first lake path. Thats the fenced off football field of Monkton Home behind him. Housing has been on that land since 1950.

Ormonde with his then girlfriend Margaret Hargeaves in the 40s on the ice of the first lake.Thats the Slagheap behind.

Ormonde with sister Betty, Margaret Hargreaves & Edith Maughan on the ice of the first lake. If the ice had broke it was at least 6ft deep below.

1940s photo of Betty Brown on the bank of the first lake. In the background is the Slagheap & Monkton Homes fence.Houses were built behind her in 1950

Betty in the Park 1940s with the old Victorian Bandstand and iced over 2nd lake behind her.

Mrs Brown of Carter Ave with son Ormonde & daughter Betty about 1930. Ormonde is the man who's loaned all these photos (plus more to come}

Mrs Brown 1930s with daughter Betty & friend Norma Ward. Those huts were Mitchell's Garage & Starks Dairy & the chimney is the Power Station.

Mrs Brown and Aunty Lilly in Carter Ave backlane before Vimy Ave was built. Other huts in the lane were the Labour Club hut & the Conservative Hut.

Mrs Brown in the 1930s at the little Duckpond just off the cut through from Monkton Village to the Slag Heap which can just be seen.

Betty Brown on her Swing at Carter Ave 1930s. Today Vimy Ave would be seen through that doorway.

Some of the girls who worked in the Pyrotenax offices but date unknown