A photo taken in a little Haven for retired men in the Park which must have been provided (Or helped financially) by Reyrolles.

Madge Bonner's 1967 retirement from Reyrolles

Reyrolles second eleven cricketers in 1968 & again I have added all the names

1968 Easter Egg contestants

Reyrolles 1968 Netball team ('A'Team) with all the names added

Reyrolles 1969 Emergency Corps

Reyrolle apprentices in 1970

Reyrolles cricket awards winners in 1971 with names

Reyrolles LEF footballers who won the knockout competition in 1971

Some Reyrolles ladies showing of some craftwork they'd obviously produced in 1971

Reyrolles erection team out in Zambia 1971 settling down in the sunshine to have a bite to eat.